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A Closer Look

Part Designer, Part Traveler

Inspired by sans-serif fonts, traveling, and interior design. Not necessarily in that order.



I have a lot of capabilities, but like to focus on a select few.

Visual Design

UX Design

Qualitative Research

Design Thinking Workshops


Hiring & Mentoring

How I work

My process

While this is my standard playbook, I can easily pivot and adapt within any part of a project you bring me into.



Starting with the user, I use a qualitative research approach to gain an understanding of how they think about success in our focus area. Insights derived from research help drive the north star goals for the product.



The insights drive an ideation of low fidelity concepts to help explore solutions for the user. These solutions usually range from pie in the sky to easily achievable in effort. I work closely with the stakeholders to upvote the most viable concepts that have a deep impact on the problem we're trying to solve.



The upvoted designs are moved into a series of hero flows accompanied with user stories to help the stakeholders envision the product and how it works. I move the flows into a high fidelity design phase where I start to work within the constraints of an existing design system or start to create one from scratch.


Learn & Iterate

Product design is never done. I learn from our users and how they interact with the existing build. I work with the team to identify the friction points that a user encounters in the product and work together to solve the UX to keep iterating on the evolution of the product.

Inpsired by Travel


When I'm not in front of my computer, I'm on a plane to explore my next destination in the world. I've traveled to 25+ countries who all hold a special spot on my travel tattoo sleeve (see pictures below).

I love finding a CrossFit gym in each new city I arrive in to workout next to the locals so I can eat all the food and drink all the coffee. PS. If you're ever traveling to Austin and looking for an Airbnb in one of the best locations on the east side, I have just the spot.