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Design Leader
Strategy + Product Design

Chrissy Cowdrey

My 20+ year career in design has been a journey of oscillating between product design and design research. As a design leader, I inspire teams to be curiously engaged in the end-user's experience of a product and solve a problem with simplicity and intention.



My Work

My Work

Most of my work is guarded behind NDAs. (Like most designers, unfortunately.) If you'd like a more in-depth look at some of my work, email me for the password to my latest case studies.



When I asked people what it was like to work with me, here's what they said.

"Chrissy led a key, foundational research study for my org that builds internal productivity products at Meta. It was the largest scale study we’d ever undertaken, and resulted in significant cross-org impact. Chrissy is a confident leader; able to quickly read a room (even a virtual one), engage stakeholders at every level, and autonomously design and execute on complex, multi-phase research. The results of the research drove the direction of a re-org, were used in a deck to inform Mark Zuckerberg about the state of work at Meta, informed multiple product team roadmaps for 2023 and features that were built in 2022."

Anna Krachey
UX Researcher

"I highly recommend Chrissy. She understood our users' needs on a deep emotional level, and translated the "why" into an actionable "what" with both creativity and systems thinking. She's an exceptional designer who places the user at the heart of the problem, and can gracefully navigate complexity at an enterprise level. Bonus: Chrissy is an absolute joy to work with. I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Annette Neu
Director, Design

"Chrissy is a strong UX designer, with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills, who can tackle complicated UX problems with ease, provide confident and clear leadership, and productively and thoughtfully interface with cross-functional team members and stakeholders to move projects forward. Joining the Streamers & Creators team at Logitech, Chrissy hit the ground running, picking up a complex, technically challenging, first-of-its-kind product and making quick progress on the UX design, understanding the strategic business underpinnings of the project, directing user research, and ensuring stakeholder buy-in along the way."

Malin Leschly
Head of Design Innovation