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AI Discovery for Lawyers

CS DISCO's self-service ingest allows users to ingest their own data in their data management suite quickly — most native ingests are completed in under 30 minutes.




  • Research, Product Design, Prototype


  • LegalTech


  • October 31, 2019

The Team

  • Principal Product Designer (me)
  • Product Manager
  • 4 engineers

The Goal

I was part of the team tasked to design and build CS Disco's initial version of their self-service ingest product. Our goal was to build a simple and easy-to-understand interface for lawyers to select documents to ingest into the product and use AI to help make documents easily searchable for ediscovery.

The Approach

  • Qualitative Research
  • Synthesis
  • Design + Prototype
  • Engineering

I started CS DISCO's first in-house design research initiative within the company to learn what an ideal ingest workflow for lawyers was. I traveled to Chicago, IL and Cleveland, OH to sit with a core group of of our users to understand their ways of working and friction points they encountered along the way. Then, I asked them to interact with a clickable prototype to talk out loud about their experience. We then used the data we collected to derive insights to help the team build an ingest experience that matched the needs of what we heard.

With the new insights derived from research, I designed an experience that collected the user's information in four easy steps in five minutes or less.

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