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Streamers & Creators Audio Mixer

Designed to give content streamers full control of their content audio while they stream to their audience.


  • Logitech


  • Product Design


  • Gaming


  • July 31, 2022

The Team

  • UX/UI Designer (me)
  • 2 Industrial Designers
  • Product Manager

State of the Project

When I joined the project, the team had sat with a handful of content creators to understand the needs and wants out of an audio mixer. Content streamers manage multiple audio inputs such as mic audio, music, games, and anything else that their audience might watch and listen. These audio inputs were played through to a creator's outputs such as their speakers or headphones.

Logitech's Audio Mixer was designed to make it easier for content creators to have precise control over the quality of their stream by controlling the volume levels of their inputs and outputs.

My Role

After I joined the project, I helped iterate on the UI based on the initial rounds of user research. We unified the UI to adhere to a more structured design system within the Logitech brand and worked to bring more "hero elements" into the design to help guide the creator through the tuning of their stream.

After a second round of user research that I conducted with 6 participants, we learned that while the interface was easier to interpret, the steps to edit the stream still felt tedious. Being able to control the input and outputs from both directions wasn't immediately clear and only caused more confusion. The team and I iterated more to simplify the design even more. We explored a UX that encouraged the user to map their inputs with a drag and drop interface control the mapping in a unilateral function.

When I left the project, it was still waiting to be funded and developed by an internal team.

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