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BIÂN Chicago Website

Website redesign for Chicago's premier private social club.


  • BIÂN Chicago


  • UI Design, IA


  • Hospitality


  • January 31, 2023

The Team

  • UX/UI Designer (me)
  • Engineering

Redesigned to Match the Brand

BIÂN is quoted as being "... the most comprehensive wellness private club that exists on the planet.” and their existing website didn't reflect that.

In 2022, I traveled from Austin to Chicago monthly. A friend invited me to work out of BIÂN on behalf of her membership and I instantly fell in love with the space, the people, and the intention. I sat at the same table each time I visited and started to engage with the founders to learn more about the club.

Later that year, I was asked to redesign their website.

The Goal

Design a premium experience for potential members to learn about the club and all of its offerings.

The Process

I worked with one of the four founders of BIÂN to establish the look and feel of the new website. We explored websites that evoked vivid storytelling and other assets that matched the emotion they wanted members to feel.

Visit the site

Moodboards and inspiration tiles

Their current site lacked a mature IA to allow potential members to find the information they may be looking for in order to make a decision to tour the club or become a member. I reworked their sitemap to organize their content in a structure that reflected organization and how they thought about their offerings.

Sitemap redesign

With the sitemap and styleguide approved, we moved into UX/UI where we focused on imagery telling the story–not words. The goal was to have the new site visually depict what the BIÂN experience is like and for a person to visualize themselves participating in the lifestyle.

The Result

I designed both desktop and mobile designs that incorporated every aspect of the build so that the developers had little questioning on what the interactions were and what content went where.

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