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Stagger is a design tool helping creators tell a more beautiful story.


  • Stagger


  • UX, UI, Product Design


  • MarTech


  • March 21, 2022

Side Project Turned Company

I started Stagger in 2019 as an iOS app to help creators tell continuous stories on Instagram. As the app grew in popularity, so did the requests for creators to have more tools to design with in the app. It grew into a SaaS product and we raised $1.3M from VCs and angel investors.

The Team

  • UX/UI Designer (me)
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Graphic Design Intern

The Product Story

With a lean team of a frontend engineer, backend engineer, and myself–we're building a content creation tool to help creators tell a more visually engaging story online and on their social networks.

We launched our initial beta in November of 2020 where we sat with small business owners and content creators to understand the friction points they have in designing content. Content creators struggle with knowing what designs catch their audience's attention and converts. The team used these insights to continue to design a product that learns your brand and auto-suggests content and layouts based on what we know about your brand.

This eliminates the time and money it takes to hire an agency or a freelancer and spend it in other areas of your business.

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